[-VULT] Vulture Enterprises - NPC Null PVP Corp - USTZ/EUTZ

Are you interested in intense fights punching up outnumbered? How about capital warfare and dreadbombs? How about the finer things in life, like Black ops ganking and getting blobbed by 100+ man HAC fleets in Null.

We are Vulture Enterprises, members of the Brotherhood of Spacers alliance. We are seeking skilled and experienced pilots to join us in Venal and elsewhere. We are a well established corporation that has lived in both NPC and Sov null. Our main time zones are USTZ, with a smaller EUTZ.

What we offer:

  • Intense fights punching up, often outnumbered
  • Capital warfare
  • Black ops whaling
  • Large and Small scale deployments around the map
  • SRP for both your ship and pod
  • Guidance in how to best exploit NPC null to your benefit

What we require:

  • Full ESI Look-up
  • 30 Million SP (Flexible)
  • Working knowledge of Discord & Mumble
  • The ability to be self sufficient
  • A hunger for PvP, win or lose
  • A working Microphone
  • Ability to fly at least one ship from both the Armor and Shield groups below:
    • Armor
      • Leshak or Paladin
      • Proteus
      • Guardian
      • Tempest Fleet Issue
    • Shield
      • Tengu or Loki
      • Nighthawk or Claymore
      • Huginn or Curse

Contact Wilhelm Deninard or MintyRoadkill in-game to apply, join our public channel “Flock Together”, or say hey on our discord and ask to speak with a recruiter.


-VULT Discord

B0SS Discord

Still recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

Still Recruiting!