[-W E-] C5|C5 Corp is looking for Member [It is really us]

o/ just bumping

we are still here :slight_smile:


Text : Discord
Mapping tool : Pathfinder

Best corp I have been in. Props to Ma’an, our FC team, everyone else contributing and me :grin:

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:heart: and i have to type something because the forum requires me to have at least 5 characters

i am happy i have Cyno 5 :smiley:

Are you recruiting still? You offered once but I am Australia TZ.

still kicking :smiley:

mate, writ me ingmae, i check in here like once a week :smiley:


still here

Join today or get ganked tomorrow

still recruiting

Bump! Looking for good PvP pilots!

i should really really bump more often

only 2 days for a bump :slight_smile:

and 4 days again, i hate forums :smiley:

still bumping

still there

sup bros, still around !