[-W E-] C5|C5 Corp is looking for US TZ Members or Corp to join us

It really is us is looking to take on board a group of US/AU TZ corp or players to bring into the fold to add to our additional EU TZ.
All options can be discussed. If interested, please join our discord server and ask to speak to Ma’an Luo or 060606 to discuss this further. Below is our usual recruitment threat for info

Yes! It Is Really Us.
We are still here and ready to grow, active C5|C5 Wormhole Corp, and we want you to become a member of our family. With a huge focus on PVP, you’ll be a part of highly skilled and truly organised mid/large fleets with some amazing FCs. We utilise a small but tailored selection of doctrines that are perfectly designed for their specific purposes. These give us the ability to fight outnumbered and outgunned and still come out on top!

A little about us:

  • Quazerknocks were needed to evict us
  • PvP focused in Null and WH space!
  • 100% fleet doctrine SRP
  • C5 static, so permanent content for anyone willing to look for it for a few minutes.
  • Teamspeak for in game communications
  • Discord for out of game communication and content pings
  • Help to all new family members to get you established in your new home as well as ongoing support
  • Bespoke, dedicated pathfinder server

Currently operating in EU and US timezone

The perfect family member:

  • Mic/headset for Teamspeak
  • Scanning skills, preferably on an alt
  • Ability to fly the doctrines we use (or be able to quickly train the skills required)
  • Triglavian Ships skilled including the specalisation
  • Minmatar Cruiser V and the ability to fly smaller T2 ships
  • T2 weapon systems
  • An affinity for getting into trouble!
  • Knows how to PVE, there will be no corp organised PVE-Sessions

We don’t need:

  • Wormhole experience, however any experience is an added bonus.
  • A bazzillion skill points - 25 million in pvp focused skills will do!
  • Another Marcel, one is almost too many

How to apply: Join our in game channel - [Is it really us?], directly our Discord orTalk to - Ma’an Luo for more information

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Just another bump for non-EU TZ bros. Come say hello in the chat.

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