W1CKD is expanding! PvP, SOV, and PVE in a friendly environment US/EU TZ

TTT! Come hang out.

Come and join us for some PvP and fun! Will save you a spot on the killmail!

Roaming fleets to kill right now!

W1CKD is Recruiting!

We are looking for PvP Pilots, Indy Pilots, and active players. We are also looking for a couple of FCs to help with corp roams and gate camps!

Hit us up in game on W1CKD Pub or discord Wicked Syndicate!

You can also contact Crunchbird O’Brien, Unive Aajavv, Kerl Xplore, or Keyer Wicked via in-game mail or direct chat.


Looking for more to come fly with us. Join us for a tight-knit, chill corp that truly enjoys all aspects that Eve has to offer!

Looking for more pilots to help us shoot space nerds!!