WAFFLES IS RECRUITING Low sec/Null sec/ WH PVP Pilots!

Experiences from a brand new Waffle! 11 Days with Waffles

Come hang out with us. Karaoke night coming in April!!!

Did someone say…karaoke?

Pub roam today was fun times! Still recruiting. :wink:

You know the best ship is friendship, right? Come check out what Waffles has to offer. Join us in our recruitment channel! All details in original post.

Come get boson’d with us! Mistakes were made but much fun was had!

Still recruiting. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach.

Waffles is still recruiting if you’re looking for a new home full of PVP!

Waffles is still recruiting. Check out this interview with one of our awesome directions, Eonan Dmalum!

Updated ad to include our new interest in WH diving! Come have a chat with one of us in our recruitment channel. We’d love to talk to you.

Friendly bump! \0/

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Recruiting some #l33t folks back to our army!

L33T folks joining (Grath), and old school returning! Cute youngin’ Apothne is home too!

Come check us out in our recruitment channel. #WafflesNeverSayDie while all the rest do! We are having a blast right now! Come join in the fun!

Super busy with new folks and actively recruiting. Come have a chat with a recruiter if you’re looking for a place to land. We’d love to chat with ya! CHECK US OUT!

Giving this a bump. I’m currently looking to get more late US and EU tz players. Happy to bring anyone on board, regardless of time zone, but looking into these two more specifically.

Daily bump

Daily bump folks

daily bump

To the top. Still recruiting!

Daily bump

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