WAFFLES IS RECRUITING Low sec/Null sec/ WH PVP Pilots!

Do you want to live or die? We do both well! :)

Die (Awox AND insurance payouts welcome! Bring us your shiny things!)
Live (We DOOOO live!)

New Years Day Shenanigans (Outnumbered wins are the best!)

Waffles is a NOMAD pirate corp and we love to shoot all the things.  We would love to have you come shoot all the things with us too!

Benefits of becoming a breakfast food member!

  • You will become part of an online family in space. A little creepy but we don’t bite too hard...wait, yes we do. Virtually of course. #nodoxx
  • If you aren’t experienced, we’ll teach you!  We’ll throw you out into the deep end of negative gravity pool and help you make the same mistakes we do.  
  • We have super capable pilots, and not so super capable pilots, which is amazing because you get to learn what TO do AND what NOT TO do, sometimes at the same exact moment! It’s a WIN/WIN! (Which Waffles always does...not)
  • Isk making opportunities if you’re into that aspect of Eve.  Which actually puts you on a whole different level culturally.
  • K-A-R-A-O-K-E nights with dank prizes.  Yes, Waffles sings…on comms. We’re pretty dang good at it too! :-D
  • Public roams with absolute complete strangers that will probably make you have a strong urge to shower afterwards
  • The opportunity to fly the teentsiest of frigates, to the giant-est of capitals. We roam small, and we roam big.  Sometimes with allies, sometimes just us.

What do I need to be a Waffle?

  • Enough pvp experience to be able to follow FC instructions.
  • Enough SP (10 mil min) to be able to fly useful ships and help out in those sometimes less than desired roles until you can ship up.  (Tons of options here for you to start with from scouting, cyno’s, bubblers, etc)
  • A willingness to adjust your skill training to get into what we need you in.
  • An open mind for anything.  We have our own, very “unique” culture in Waffles.  Shhhh, just let it happen.  
  • A team oriented mind set.  Waffles members work very well together as a team and when the going gets tough, we get dying...in space that is. And sometimes we even live!
  • A strong desire to become a better and stronger pilot. We all have room for improvement anyway, right?
  • Expectations exist for all pilots to be able to step up into support roles such as scouts, logi, bubblers, etc.  No F1 monkey’ing.
  • Be prepared to be active.  We’d like you to jump right in with us and get your ships dirty.  
  • Be on comms.   It’s easier to integrate if you know the people you’re flying with.  (Basic comms discipline also goes along with this during fleets obviously but that’s an easy one.)

Waffles Life:


Of course you do! So what are you waiting for?  Why not just take the LEAP?!?!

If you would like to have more information or a chat with a recruiter, please hop into our in game channel, “WAFFLES Recruitment” and say hi!  One of our recruiters would be glad to have a chat with you.  

We look forward to talking with you!

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We want you to come join us. No bumps. Only THIS!

New Years day 2018 Shenanigans. Join us at our in game channel, WAFFLES Recruitment, and chat with a recruiter!

Come at us! WAFFLES Recruitment!

Want to know our safe word? It’s definitely not “pineapple juice”. Come talk to a recruiter.

PUBROAM also happening Thursday night 21:00 Eve time from Kinakka! Free ships to be had!

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KB green! Come play along!

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Lots of new bros joining us so far. Come have a chat with one of our recruiters! WAFFLES Recruitment in game channel!

Active pirates needed.

Still hiring! :slight_smile: Here is more information too in you’re interested.

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Still recruiting!

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Pub roam today was fun times! Still recruiting. :wink:

You know the best ship is friendship, right? Come check out what Waffles has to offer. Join us in our recruitment channel! All details in original post.

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Still recruiting. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach.