Looking for something new to keep me in the game

I am looking for something that will keep me in the game. The current corp/alliance I am part of has resigned to ratting, mining and dock-up someone is next region. Their leadership is not very motivating to want me to login into the game. I would I like to this to change.

There are some core aspects that I am looking for:

  1. I am not interested in Highsec, so don’t waste the keyboard time
  2. I am on the East Coast of Australia so playing with prime time AU is a must and you need to have a good representation, and 2 AU players is not a good representation. So unless your AUTZ is able to make a good showing on the battlefield then, again don’t waste the keyboard time.
  3. I have enough isk and assets so I don’t need to grind isk so don’t care if you have good ratting systems or not.
  4. I want to be with a group that will fight for the sake of fighting and don’t have the mentality of needing a 3:1 advantage, with 500% logistics redundancy otherwise you don’t undock, been there done that and sick of the consist fleet up, fleet down BS that this causes.
  5. I would like to bring my titan, and supers with me so I would prioritize corps with a Keepstar, however, this is not a show stopper and I am willing to sell/self-destruct all of my ships including large assortment of caps if I can find something that is inspiring and keeps me in the game, I can always re-buy them.
  6. I have played eve continuously since 2012 and lived in also most every nullsec region so opportunities outside of nullsec would be refreshing, just not highsec.
  7. Must have an active member and leadership base that don’t think they are running the United Nations, been involved with too many of these types of groups and I want a change.
  8. Finally, I like to use my caps, if you don’t undock caps because of you are more concerned with the killboard then having fun the biggest ships in the game then I am not interested what you have to offer. I am part of a group now that constant pings for caps only to stand them down and is the main reason why I have barely logged on in the past month.

What I have at my disposal:

  1. I multiple accounts, with all accounts full of toons so around 21 characters
  2. I am online almost every night (when motivated) and can help with all types of things when needed.
  3. Fly almost every ship in the game with all weapon platforms, an advantage of specialist skill training of multiple accounts.
  4. I have six core characters, each trained for a specific role, in sub caps, fax, dread/carrier, supers, titans and JF’s, all main toons are over 100M SP each or very close to the milestone.
  5. I have played eve continuously since 2012 and lived in also most every nullsec region, so know the nullsec life very well.

Look forward to hearing what out there.

Looks like you’re mostly interested in staying in nullsec, which is a shame.

Check out Triumvirate.

We fly caps. :slight_smile:

Here is our ad if you’re interested in taking a peek.

I’m the leader of Troll Legion - We’re in a little alliance hacking out our own sov in Pure blind. We use our caps sometime for bait sometimes for our own ops:

We desperately need more EU guys - I’m primarily USTZ but I an many in my corp play EU and USTZ - We are pretty much in small gang pvp right now - but we have docking access for the big toys very close by.

My corp’s goal is to train up a tough group of pvpers who understand how to be force multipliers in traditional sov forces. We want to specialize in FAX, Command Destroyers, Recons etc to provide the crucial specialize warfare roles that most null F1 fleets lack.

We love small gang skirmish warfare and I personally get pretty hacked off when people stay docked up because they are scared of losing. You don’t become a better pvper when you only log in for the anchor F1 fleets.

We DON’T have a ton of AU time zone. [FOSAN] is my favorite AU corp, might check them out if I’ve just wasted my keyboard time (mine to waste =P )

Let me know if you might want to be part of helping build a scrappy pvp alliance. Convo me in game or visit my public channel Trolling Grounds

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