[WAIL.] Grief Wailer Tribe - Minmatar FW & Lowsec - PVP & Indy

Join the Liberation Force.

Grief Wailer Tribe is a faction warfare & pirate corporation residing near Dodixie & Rens. Our primary area of operations is the Heimatar region - at the epicenter of the Minmatar/Amarr faction warfare conflict. We are growing steadily with a handful of veterans and some eager new pilots.

Our goals are to advance the initiatives of the Tribal Liberation Force, freeing solar-systems from Amarr control and terrorizing them whilst doing so. Small-Gang skill based PVP is the primary focus of Wailers. The corporation has a secondary focus on new-player training for Minmatar Militia. Ask about our injector program.

-New Player Focused - Veterans who want to be a part of this are encouraged to apply.
-Minmatar Republic Fleet - FW Space Metagame Goals.
-No Minimum SP. (Omega Clone required on corp characters - I simply am not familiar with Alpha clone restrictions)
-Pacific US Based - will need to build out other US TZ from scratch! Looking for future leaders.
-Training, Ships, Skill Plan Advice & General Support provided

Main Corp Activities:

Small-Gang PVP - FW Complexes & Battlefields, FW Strategic Targets, ESS Robberies in Null, Fleet roams through wormholes

Fleet-Fights PVP - We will participate as an extension of the current MinMil fleets when big fights happen vs Amarr- either in militia doctrine ships or our own ragatag newbro kitchen sink corporation doctrine

Logistics/Mining/PVE - We are fully engaged in the Loyalty Point chain of production for fleet ships and profit

Your in-game contacts: Iskanndar … Kinta Huron

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