The Minmatar Militia needs you!

The Minmatar Marauders is a Corporation in the Minmatar Militia that is seeking pvp pilots for solo and small gang warfare.

– US timezone
– Small gang pvp galore
– Easy isk making opportunities
– Relaxed and fun atmosphere
– PVP training for new players or those new to pvp
– 5 Mil SP minimum

Come join in on the daily fun of low sec pvp life and enjoy smashing the Amarr militia!!

Convo/mail me or join our recruitment channel: MinmilMarauders

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If you like PVP this is the place to be!!

We have the fights if you have the will!!

The warzone needs your ship!!

We have fights. And we have isk.

We have it all. Fights, Isk, good times, and fast ships!

Get in corp and get in fleet. We’re goin killin!

We are growing and fighting. Come do both with us!!

We’re recruiting.

This is a great place to begin your pvp career or to just come and get all the pvp you want if you already know how.

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