Critically Preposterous (CPT-) - Minmatar militia FW PVP ☠ Come and pew with us!

Long-term MinMil guys forming up a crew to take the fight to the Amarrians

Small gang/solo fighting in the Min-Am and Gal-Cal WZs.

Founder is a 2005 player who’s been solo/small gang PVPing in the Min-Am WZ pretty much throughout the last few years.

Looking to grow into a corp of a few dozen tearless and fearless MinMil fighters.

Primarily looking for Euro TZ people. That’s when corp is most often ready to roam. Other TZs people also welcome, of course. US/other TZs crews to be built over time.

Corp has citadels strategically placed for quick entry into WZs and reshipping.

Freighter & Carrier service for moving base or quick reshipping available.

Info/training on indy and maximizing isk from LPs and Buy/Sell orders available.

Leadership opportunities for officer/cat herder types.

On-the-job PVP training/explosions provided.

We’ve got Euro TZ fleets ready RN, and we’re set to support solo PVP members too. Mail or PM Lifecipe9000 (Euro TZ) or Telegram Sam (US TZ) for more info.


10+ mil SP. But exceptions can be made for exceptional people.

Alpha clone players OK.

Must have a working headset with mic and be able to get on Discord and Teamspeak.

Sense of humo(u)r also required. Looking for pros, not egos. Vet and newbro pros chill and make explosions, not drama!

o7 Minmatar Militia fighter - let’s put the hurt on them.

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Got our first new member-- welcome mate!

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Still accepting applications o7

Classified content creation emerging…

Still need more help vs. pesky pirates and Amarrian militia. Suit up!

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