Looking for a decent sized Minmitar Corp

Hello All,

I’m a veteran-ish player looking for a corporate home. I’ve been playing on and off for years across 3 different accounts but I am by no means an expert at the game. I suck at pvp but I’m ok with dying and love trying.

I have 3 accounts. 2 of which are Omega. I have I think 11million skill points on my main combat account and around 9 million on my mining account. The baby account has less than a million.

I am looking to contribute to a corp that does some pvp and/or pve and I’d love if the corp had some love for crafters. My main goal is just to socialize and have fun with a group. I have a mic and can provide an API upon request.

I can fly Minmitar battleships with tech 2 gear. I’m completely open to new guy hazing :slight_smile:


I’m the CEO of a mining/industry corp, which does a lot of small gangs etc aswell.
We have a forum post up, [Brothers in Arms alliance] ADFU (NULL-SEC Ratting, PvP & Industry Corp)
Feel free to check it out, and if you like it, send me a mail in-game or just reply here! :slight_smile:

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Oh cool I’ll look you guys up now. I’m at work so I’ll have to chat with you here until later.

Sounds great!

We’re always interested in bringing more people to the table! The more the merrier! :slight_smile:

Bump to keep options open

o7 Dione,

come by and fly with us or let’s just have a talk on coms! We are the most active minmatar Alliance with plenty of pew and craft and a good attitude. Unless ur an ass, then you will find your peers in Amarr militia :stuck_out_tongue:

Message/write me in Game, join public channel if you like [Voices UK]

Fresh recruitment thread:

At work now but I’ll message you in game tonight

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