Minmatar Secret Service - recruiting chilled pilots [PVP] [EU/US/AU]


You are:

-Not salty!
-Not toxic!
-Either skilled or ambitious!
-Want to PVP!
-In possession of a working mic!

We offer:

-Competent FCs!
-Functioning and active alliance!
-Hundreds of doctrine ships staged via Alliance Contracts!
-Regular PVP content!
-Experienced small gang pilots!
-For people not allergic to grinding - plenty of ISK earning opportunities!
-Capital and Logisitc SRP!
-A narrative and a long term objective!
-Main focus on Minmatar/Amarr FW lowsec, side projects involve Providence raids, a fully staged Wormhole and Nullsec island!

When i joined Ushra’Khan it was only a shadow of its former self. After more then 2.5 years, what were stangers then are friends now and we rebuild the Alliance. Many are with us since that time of grim darkness, and many new joined along the way. We are a mature non drama group of space pixel enthusiasts. Mostly. Basic roleplay is exploding things and slavery is bad. Also CVA nullsec amarr dumpstering is the ultimate goal.

Please write an EVEmail to Harkon Thorson or Ashan Todako and join us on TS so we can have a talk!

Now go and explode in style!

Ashan Todako [ROMSS]

edit:language is hard

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Yesterday was thursday. On thursdays we got the regular “Tribal Thorsday” fleet. It’s usually ran by Harkon Thorson, who happens to be our Alliance Leader. How many Alliances can claim that to be the case?

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Yesterday was friday, and i didnt have much time. During the day Amarrs tried to flip Tararan, my corpmate Explorer heroically delayed them with a small gang before and asked me to take over the fleet for the anti-bash. We formed one of our cheap and engageble doctrines: Shield Ruptures. Sadly Amarr only had one attempt in them:

Later that night we flipped Sifilar instead…

Public channel for the alliance: [Voices U’K]

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