Wanna Play Eve on Hard?-Sarcos Federation (US TZ/PvP)

Sarcos Federation is looking for new PvP corporations to join a small growing null-sec alliance. We pride ourselves on small scale combat and tactics. We can provide safe null sec home surrounded by loads of content in pureblind.
While we are currently looking for only PvP corps, individual pilots are also welcomed to join our family.
If you would like more information please contact a recruiter (in game ad) or join FEDS_Recruitment in game or eve mail Sirus Griffing.
Sarcos has always prided itself on being a volunteer organization. While we expect you to defend and support the alliance I will never ask more of you than I am willing to give myself. We do not track activity using “pap links” or other tracking programs. We will trim inactive corps and members but not without reason or due diligence. We understand RL comes first and I will not remove anyone from the fasmily for RL issues.
-Sirus Griffing Executor, FEDS.

Looking for more corps. Small to Med.

Looking for some more corps to join the family.

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