Here come the feds!

(Grusom Harkonen) #1

Sarcos Federation is recruiting corporations and alliances!

Recruiting, all around! We are a SOV Null people, growing our Corps, Alliances, and the Coalition!

What we have to offer!
-An active, thriving community of members eager to help everyone succeed!
-Sov space with plenty of belts, gas, and ratting sights!
-A wealth of PVP content, and plenty of experienced pvp pilots to grow and become a more effective killer!
-We are a volunteer based alliance
-OPS are not Required!
-We have a forum forum site!
-Seeded market!

The only requirements we have is Full API,
Teamspeak for Voice Communication, and Discord for Text Communication
Come join the fun with the guys and gals of Cloud Ring!

If your interested please contact Grusom Harkonen, Hali Brai, or Blinjay if interested!
o7 Fly Dangerous!

(Grusom Harkonen) #2


(Francis McLean) #3

Will you accept my corporation? We admire your elite PVP skillz