Want Alliance dont want to have to do anything

(Sukanna Yha) #1

Looking for an alliance where we don’t have to do anything

(Alby Sacah) #2

You looked at rental alliances?

(Sukanna Yha) #3

no is that real
I mean is it one alliances or a generic term?

(Bronson Tyse) #4

How many of you are there and would you be willing or able to rent space in Querious

(Emperor Necrology) #5

You interested in jumping into wormholes, no rent needed. Hit me up.

(Mystus) #6

We’re a laid back alliance that doesn’t have any specific expectations. We’d love to chat with you and see if there is a synergy between your looking for an alliance without requirements and expectations and our free style gameplay.

(system) #7

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