Want sell 2 Hel at Amamake

2 hel with shield extender.waiting for your kindly offer

50b for both

i know you.lol.you just offer but never accept

stop making stuff up, put the contract up and see what happens

54b.it’s yours

27B for hels? are u high? xd

i mean , even 25 is too high , hels go for 22-24 bil each

RSI is the place you get the pimp deals around LS. #RUSKIFORCSM

waiting for a nice offer:P

daily bump

daly bump.give me your offer


Offering 42 for both

42.5 bil offer for both

daily bump

last week i sold a hel for 24.5b was just a hull. so people saying they go for 21-24 are high. Obviously check contract market before putting yours for sale but i always count out goon space for prices

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46 for the set

48b for both

50b its yours

50b it’s yours