WTS Hel Hull in Uemon SOLD

20b, firm price.

Hollow hel hull


16.5b offer

Willing to go down to 20b for you

contract to me thx

Messaged. Bump

Still available. Bump.

To the top.

Only RMT buy a hel for 23b. I’ve bought several hels past 2 months for 15-16b. Put it on public market for 23b if you think that’s what it should go for.

If you want to actually sell it, i’ll do 17 but not an isk higher. Contract to me.

My apologies CCP Ronimil, head of RMT investigations. Would the one I sold for 23b also have been used for RMT?

This one is also on the market for 23, which is why I’m selling it here for 20. If you take off your tinfoil hat, I can do a discount of 0.gtfo Isk

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Have you looked at contracts?

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:sparkles: 15b :sparkles:

Thank you! I can do 20b