Want to be Strategically Bad?

Strategically Bad is a Nullsec based PVP Corp. We are about teamwork but you also dictate your own game, and real life always comes first!

Our Corp members are friends and brothers in arms. 5BAD is always recruiting and looking for new friends! We are a chill, laid back group of mature players who like to have fun.

Strategically Bad is a corp but we are also a community!!

What we offer:

  • Dank Memes
  • 0.0/Low sec PVP
  • Nullsec SOV
  • Friendly Community
  • Small - Medium Gang PVP
  • Alliance Ops
    Plus more!


  • Register all accounts on Alliance Seat
  • Be on TS3 whenever in game for your safety and fun times
  • Mic/Speakers
  • 4 Fleets a month @ Alliance Level
  • Be apart of the community

Contact Us!!
Our In-Game Public Channel: 5BAD.pub
Recruitment Discord
Recruitment: Open


Not even kidding… this place is GRRREAT!!!

[TPI] Widget#7077 Message me today if you would like to join!


Bump it up!

Best Place in EVE!!

Let your inner crazy run wild with us!

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Now is the time!! [TPI] Widget#7077 CALL ME! :wink:

Still recruiting bump

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