Strategically Bad... But ISK making is good!

Strategically Bad is looking for YOU!

Only if you are looking for no drama, active comms, RL First while access to all the stuff you would want in Eve? Mostly late USTZ active but a few on all day long. Our Alliance Get Off My Lawn currently have SOV space in Delve in Goon’s Space. I am not going to type a whole essay on why you should join us. We are Newbro friendly and good at helping Newbro’s find their way in Eve. Why mine HS for hours and make next to nothing. We have all the moons you could want. PVP your thing? This is Delve and Goons if you can’t find action here something is wrong. From Abyssals to Worm Holes, Industry to Ratting. Nuff said stop deliberating and join!

:biohazard: Loads of ISK Making Opportunities
:biohazard: We Can Show You How
:biohazard: NullSec with RL First Mentality
:biohazard: PVP/PVE
:biohazard: NewBro Friendly
:biohazard: Group Ratting Salvaging/Mining


If you fly sober… you are doing it all wrong!


Hey Thanks Mav!

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