Want to do indy and pvp. When you want! Join Medorium Prim

:diamonds: Nullsec living.
:diamonds: Null Ore/Ice Mining.
:diamonds: Tier 5-10 combat sites and escalations.
:diamonds: Nullsec PI yields low tax.
:diamonds: Corp Buyback.
:diamonds: JF + gen freight service, move stuff in and out of HS.
:diamonds: VC desired.
:diamonds: Moon mining + reactions.
:diamonds: Weekly mining fleet ops.
:diamonds: Weekly pvp roams.
:diamonds: SRP.
:diamonds: Loaner ships and equipment.
:diamonds: Chill mature social environment.
:diamonds: Veteran players to help you learn new aspects or get better at what you do.
:diamonds: Discord community that gets you involved.
→ Join MEDOR Public

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