Flormen Industries - Null Indy/Mining/PVE/PVP In That Order

Flormen Indusrtries is actively recruiting players of all skill ranges and experience levels to join us in nullsec and be a part of a very active community supporting a seasoned alliance that has been around since the dawn of Eve.

If you’re new to the game we can help you make the move from hisec to null as well as get you set up in a new ship to start making real isk. Our alliance has multiple experienced pilots who have been playing since the game launched and are more than generous with their advice and information. Don’t be intimidated by the null sec environment, it’s a relatively quiet pocket of space and any losses you might incur on the way down are more than made up for in a few short hours.

Experienced and returning pilots: we need miners and industrialists but are also looking for PVP pilots who like to hunt down roamers and small gangs. We rent 4 systems and indexes are kept high so the yields for mining and pve ratting are lucrative.

Comms: we use Teamspeak primarily for comms but also have alliance discord channel for intel and member use.

CEO’s: we are currently looking for a new corp to join alliance. Mining/Indy focus preferred but welcome to discuss whatever your corp brings to the table.

Feel free to ask questions here or convo/evemail Jean Jacques Archambeault for more information.

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