Wanted: Quality Candidates for immediately available roles


My name is Ico Anneto and I am seeking candidates for immediately available roles across a number of corporations.

Specifically we are currently seeing high demand for any of the folllowing:

Nullsec Indy
Wormhole PVP
High Sec Indy/PVE
UK Timezone

However, we are seeking candidates for a number of other roles too. So if you’re in the market for a new corp in New Eden, please get in touch and let me know

Your Preferred Corp Type
Your Timezone
Any alliances you do or do not want to work with
And a brief summary of you character’s skills and background

We will put you in touch with relevant opportunities at no cost to you

Are you a corp seeking quality candidates? Mail me in game for details of our fees for placements

Is your corp going inactive? Get in touch about opportunities for small groups of players to move together

Just when I thought there was nothing new to see - along comes a recruitment agency :slight_smile:



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