[WANTED] Someone to take video footage

This is not a 1 day project, you’ll be responsible for following us around as we mine, roam, fight and die and record raw cinematic footage.

You should be good at using and manipulating the camera. Once you get set up (cloaked up in safe range of hostiles) you should be using the cinematic camera (no brackets, no overview)

We have a private discord that will allow you to get pings for our ops. You’ll be reporting to the CEO and roles will be given on Teamspeak so we can communicate.

You can make up to 20bil ISK doing this project but please note: it will be crunched down into a 4 minute video, not all recordings will be used and you only get paid for what is used. You will receive credit for the material in the Youtube link.

Pricing: I’m thinking around 200mil per good clip. This is tricky because a clip could be 5 seconds, or it could be 20 minutes. I’m not gonna pay for 40 minutes of mining footage, but I might pay for a smaller clip of that footage.

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