Wants to be a Goon

I’ve been an on/off player for a while but this ‘on’ period feels different, I’m starting to understand a few basics :blush:

It also helps that I’ve read a bit about the past great wars.

I’m at a point where I want something more from the game. I’ve joined a couple corps but it always ends up being some lonely dude with a few alts.

Reading the game history, I like the sound of the Goons. Are there any Goon corps willing to take me?

You may be able to if you’re part of ‘something awful’ and play around in channel 4…or 4 Chan or something.

Look up KarmaFleet

If you want to be treated like a monkey and be used to pad their numbers, go ahead. They won’t teach you anything, you will learn nothing and then when you realize you’re wasting your time and want to leave their hive they will gank you on your way out of their territory.
Good luck.


Someone sounds salty LOL.

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