War Commander Wanted

o7 Pilots,

WAR EAGLE FLEET has an open, targeted recruitment for an experienced military commander and FC. We have an active group with an excellent culture and a developing pool of FCs, but we need someone to help us achieve our more advanced goals.

Please message Gideon Golgothus in game for details. Come FC a drunk fleet Fridays at 2300 game time and see if you like us. We are actively engaged in the war against Goons and deployed in Fountain. We are looking to move this corp forward and you could be a part of our ever expanding direction forward.

Any war commander that joined WEF would also be added to the FC ranks within our alliance, which has demonstrated ability to raise 100+ pilots. If you’re looking for a new home and have some experience planning and leading Ops, please consider WEF in your search.

Fighting Goonz! Come be a leader in this historic battle!

War Commander Needed

War Eagle Fleet is actively recruiting a War Commander to coordinate all aspects of combat and FC management. WEF has 190 toons with 50+ individuals from all backgrounds, but we all share an excellent bond through our corp. We are fun and capable, and looking to extend our sphere of influence through a well regimented and experienced individual, or individuals. We have a significant number of hulls and ready to fly combat ships on hand and ready for your direction. We are constantly growing and the successful applicant for this position would have many growth opportunities with our corp and alliance (Slyce). Contact Gideon Golgothus in-game if interested.
War Eagle Fleet

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