War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - D3LYRIUM - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

TOMORROW will be the official Bday fleet for yours truly. That means we’re going to get super shitfaced doing goofy stuff all in the name of fun!

Our mission will be to deliver some special people to a certain starbase in the Fraternity capital system. The people are important to WEF’s mission of ■■■■ talking our former fleet friendlies. Since they are important, they will be carried aboard my flagship, the FSS Jungle, a Thanatos class carrier. The support fleet will follow our Endless Armageddons doctrine and be comprised primarily of battleships; however, as always you are more than welcome to fly just whatever the hell you want. In addition, since these individuals are important, they will be worth 500 million isk each if returned to me upon my death no later than 0300 Saturday. That said, they must be returned to me directly at Jita station along with my corpse as evidence of your qualified capture of HVTs. For this return, I will pay 1 billion isk for my corpse in addition to those of the HVTs (at least 5). That’s a potential payout of 3.5bil!!

Form: 2100-0000 Friday (Tomorrow) 1DQ
FC: Drunk Old Gideon
Fleet: WEF Black(out) Ops
Comms: Old WEF Discord Public Channel

Comms will be open to any who wish to join so be ready for some chaos!
Doctrine: Flagship Carrier + Armageddons et al
Mission: Achieve Alcoholic Divinity

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