War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - D3LYRIUM - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

Come check us out if you’re looking for great and plentiful content!

FREE WEF TATARA KILL TONIGHT AT 0150 in E2-RDQ. More the merrier!!!


o7 Friends and Happy Tuesday!

Come check out WEF today and join the fam!

Recruiting is open! Come see what we are all about!

7o homies! Welped my Nag on our last drunk fleet. Bought a shiny new Nid so we can do it all over again!!

Join today and be part of the fun side of Eve!

Happy Friday Drunk fleet tonight woop woop

Recruiting is open! Don’t be shy come say hi 07


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 // /   /  /`    '--

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Attention capsuleers! Have you grown weary of the mundane emptiness of highsec or dead/boring corps? Does your soul crave excitement, adrenaline, and dank frags? War Eagle Fleet can satisfy your wildest nullsec desires!
Nestled our tight-knit band of misfits, outlaws, and madlads wakes up every day choosing violence. Roams, blops, cap drops - you name it, we do it with gusto. Fade and beyond is our playground.
Our diversity is our strength. We’ve got CAS miners, market wizards, capital pilots, small gang PvPers, explorers - you’ll fit right in. Newbros can learn from our veterans. Vets can reignite their love for the game. we’re out looking for fights, dropping caps on fools, or scamming through hilarious bonus room shenanigans. No risk aversion here - only hilarious hijinks and adrenaline-pumping action. So what are you waiting for? Ditch the boring carebear life and apply today. WEF-PUB in-game. Fly dangerously, make bank, and let’s wreak some havoc across New Eden together. You know you want to…we’ll be waiting. join WEF-PUB chat channle in game

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Another successful Drunk Fleet last night.

War Eagle Fleet’s weekly Drunk Fleet is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! So, Join us EVERY FRIDAY at Jita 4-4 to form at 2300! Also, Join our Discord for pings!

Accepting apps! Check us out!

Good morning! Come chat with a recruiter today

Drunk Fleet tonight at 2300 out of Jita! Join up and fly with us for good fun!

Message Gideon Golgothus in-game for invite.

Accepting apps today


o7 friends! Hit me up today to learn more about WEF!

Small gang ops? Join us!

Accepting apps today. Check us out!

o7 friends! Looking for individuals, corps, alliances alike! Hit me up on discord right away if you’re interested in fking some sht up!


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