War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - D3LYRIUM - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

Broooooo that’s badass

Join up! We fleet regularly!!

From new bros to bitter vets, we have a full range of players here at WEF. JOIN US!

Little to no blues means LOTS of target rich environments.

Apply today for PVP as it was intended!

Check us out and app up! War Eagle Fleet | Corporation | zKillboard

Scope us out and hit us up to join Drunk Fleet tonight at 2300! All are welcome!

Looking for a corp and alliance that fits your game style? Come chat us up and let’s talk about fun/hr and brotherhood. Not just a number with WEF. Once WEF, always WEF!



How long before you get kicked out of this alliance?

I dont think they will kick us. :slight_smile:


o7 boiz! Get in today and join us for DRUNK FLEET this Friday!


We’re getting kicked out of our own alliance. Join us. It’ll be fun.

Bumpy Bump

Easy bump