War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - Fraternity EN - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

Come, and chat with us today. Join for Unlimited Null Life stay for Unlimited Null Life and amazing People.

Now with even more Blops action, come on in for daily Blops fleets :slight_smile:

Mining group continues to grow fast, even more moons coming shortly!

Also Zigam takes us for dank brawls like this!


Come own your own space, it’s a great place for your friend group to grow!

Looking for more friends, over 30bil of prizes given away in our last alliance event :wink:

If you’re looking to grow as a player, we are constantly looking for talented individuals to help us build something special!

Come fight on the side of the Daleks…

Are you interested in PVP?
Are you interested in Industry?
Are you interested in Mining?
Are you interested in Exploration?
Are you interested in Trade?

If any of these above is true then come and chat with us in-game @ WEF-PUB

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 11.51.23

Ever wanted to kill things like this fort Fortizar | Mango. | Killmail | zKillboard in a rookie ship like these guys did?

Join WAR EAGLE FLEET - let your Unlimited Null Life begin!

Now this… This is a BR!

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More Dank Fights to be had Related Kills | JURU-T | 2022-01-22 21:00 | zKillboard

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Come Blops with us in R1O!

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WEF Industry needs you, Industrialists !! Come, build things with us !! A healthy number of good quality moons are available.

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