War Eagle Rangers - Here to help! HS/PVE - New Player Friendly

Join War Eagle Rangers!

Based in The Forge, we are a high sec corp that welcomes all pilots, new and old!
No war, no tax!
Comms are not required but Discord is available for text and voice when needed!
There are no handouts and you won’t need them! We will teach you how to make your own isk so you can replace your ships easily!

Available activities:

  • Boosted mining fleets
  • L1-L4 mission running
  • Trading Tutorials with Curated Items for Guaranteed Profit

Pilots with 10 million skill points or more can apply to War Eagle Fleet, our null corporation!

Come join us now!


Can you send discord link?
or can I send you in game email?

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Hello mate o7, I hope that everything has been sorted but just in case you can reach out to us on WEF-PUB in-game channel.

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Everything is sorted out now, ty for your help :slight_smile:

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WER is still recruting, EVE is best played with a Team, speak with a recruiter today!

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