War Hawk Industries [WAR H] - 25M SP required

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War Hawk Industries is seeking to increase our ranks with experienced individuals (25M SP). We are a part of the “Loading” alliance, which offers access to many different opportunities and social events. As part of the alliance, we offer the following:

  • No War Decs

  • 0.0% Tax Rate

  • Mining

  • Industry

  • Mission Running

  • Hauling

  • Research

  • Abyssal runs

  • WH Day Trips

  • Null Sec ‘Yeet Fleets’

  • Trading

  • Starter packages for new players (ships/ISK)

  • Social Group - we desire to build a core group of friends that you’ll enjoy hanging out with every time you log-in.

I have recently returned to the game after a long break and am looking forward to re-forming this corporation. With the upcoming changes to resource distribution we have exciting plans to offer varying levels of content in the future!

If you are interested in joining us, please contact me in-game, reply to this topic, and join the “War Hawk Public” channel.

I am also looking to fill potential leadership roles within the corporation, please contact me directly if you would like to be a part of our leadership team.

Thank you!

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Le bumpe


I guess you are based of hisec, are planning to move to lowsec, moon minig?
From what I understand you are fresh corp, right?
Also what time zone you are based?

Hey Zyma! Thanks for the response!

Yes currently based out of hisec. Will continue to be based out of hisec, but venturing into lowsec/nullsec and will have lowsec bases of operation. The alliance also does a whole range of activities in all types of space (except the new trig areas). Yes it is a fresh corp, I’ve had it for some years, but before it was always a corp for my friend’s industry alts, I’m trying to make it legit now :slight_smile:

Moon mining and lowsec mining are some of my plans. The corp is US TZ, alliance covers all TZs.

Any other questions?

Well I am looking for a corp to exploit scarcity in lowsec. But fresh or US based corps are not my cup of tea.

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