War Phoenix Unlimited -- Casual C3 WH Corp

War Phoenix is recruiting !
. . . . .████▄▄▄︻︻︻═══┻
▃▅███[ WARXU ]████▅▄▄
★ Recruiting any and all active players
★ C3 WH (HS Static) with structures
★ No SP Limits
★ New Player Friendly
★ PVP Lessons/Training
★ Mining and Industry Training
★ Friendly Enviroment
★ Tons of isk making opportunities
★ Join “WARXU Recruitment” channel in game for more info.
★ Join our Discord Channel if you would like!

Hello! WE are still looking for active pilots! Apply today! Or join our channels linked above! Thank you and have a great day!

Still looking for Pilots! Stop In our pub chat and say hello!

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