[WARCA] is seeking experienced USTZ PVP pilots


We are Warriors if Caldari [WARCA],
We are currently seeking PVP pilots who can assist in our operations primarily during 5pm to 11pm USTZ on weekdays and anywhere from 8am to 2am USTZ on weekends.

Our fleets are not mandatory, but every bit of help matters as we will be securing our Sov, protecting our assets, and assisting those around us in protecting theirs.

Our Ideal pilot is capable of flying or currently training into our coalition HAC doctrines (Cerb, Eagle, Munin) as well as our alliance doctrines of Stealth bombers, T3C, and Assault Frigates. They are isk self sufficient, and are capable of keeping themselves entertained.
They also understand that real life comes first and we do not expect them to always be available!

Ok? But who are you? And what’s in it for me?

Our Corp is part of Warriors of Sol and a Full member of Fi.Re Co. We currently hold SOV along the border with Imperium and face border threats daily.

In our Sov we have high BRMs (bounty risk modifiers) of around 115% to 145%, a true sec of around -.4, belts to rat in, public R64 and R32 moons, and even more that you can rent.

Interested but not in USTZ? Still come talk to us! We have other corporations within our alliance and if we’re not the best fit for you, we will do our best to find a home for you amongst our other leaders.

Feel free to send any of us a message in game.

Recruiter - 6percent Rin
2IC - TheBeast78
CEO - Moce

We are still recruiting as we are making it our mission to become a late EU/USTZ Powerhouse within FI.RE Co.

An Update to our recruitment post:

WARCA is Actively Seeking More US/EU TZ players

What we offer:

  • A private ice system for the Alliance
  • Good Ratting systems with 130% BRMs
  • Public and Rentable R64 Moons
  • A fun inclusive group to enjoy the game with
  • A lot of bullets for our enemies

What we ask for:

  • Be kind
  • No Drama
  • Pass our ESI check (to keep spies out)
  • Be self sufficient

About us:

  • We are the founding corp for Warriors of Sol, a veteran owned and operated alliance
  • We have a strict IRL first policy
  • We are Alpha clone and Newbro Friendly

Our alliance has a long history of flying together and hope to continue with you!

Check out our zkill

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