Building USTZ FW PVP Corp to Train for Sov

Hey guys, we in Deadspace Commandos want to build a scrappy pvp corp to return to Sov warfare. To start with we will be in Faction Warfare while we train and practice our teamwork. When we’re good enough with the capabilities needed we’ll progress to null/sov.

  • We’re looking for USTZ Players
  • People with mature attitudes who can demonstrate common courtesy to players of all different - backgrounds, races, religions. genders, etc. inside and outside of the group.
  • Players who can or are willing to learn how to play the game without having to hold their hand held.
  • Players who love to pvp, but also build ships, mods, alliances and a reputation in the game.

If interested in being part of the team join Commando Recruitment channel in game to ask some questions.

Hey mate, if you are interested, Orbital Fux is looking for more corps to join its ranks as we farm in a rented nullsec area before taking some sov territory for ourselves. Give me a shout if you guys are interested in joining!

What is your long term goal? more specific then get into 0.0. Do you want to get into sov as easily as possible, ie renting or joining an alliance or coalition? Or do you want to go and take sov for yourself by taking a system through force?

Sorry very the incredibly late response. You probably won’t even see this but I’m still going to give an answer.

Our goal is to build a pvp force that practices being a force multiplier and can compliment the larger pvp groups that have dps and logi, but lacking the skill to use Recons, Force Auxiliaries, Dreads and Carriers.

Basically a Special Warfare and Tactics group. We are operating in Minmatar Faction warfare atm, and looking to help larger groups take sov and hopefully be able to get our own setup with them.

The 0.0 is a long term goal so it is very nebulous and flexible at the moment. However renting is definitely out.

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