Deadspace Commandos - Building USTZ PVP Team

Deadspace Commandos is building a team of mature minded USTZ pvp pilots who are interested in practicing advanced pvp techniques, controlling space, with dreams of Sov Empire.

What we offer:

  • SISI Training

  • Faction Warfare

  • Team-based PVE activities for individual iskies


  1. Short term goal is to dominate two constellations in Faction Warfare in our timezone.

  2. Become excellent at pvp from small frigate warfare up to capitals and supers.

  3. Long term goal is to grow into a scrappy pvp group that can thrive in null sec and eventually take Sov space as an Alliance.


Deadspace Commandos is a relaxed family friendly “non-adrenaline junkie” pvp corp that puts real life ahead of the game. We won’t have “paps” to motivate our members, because honestly if what we’re doing isn’t fun enough for members to want to log in, then leadership “done messed up”.

A word about risks!

While everything is at risk when you undock, again it’s just a game. FCs are encouraged to take risks. Ships can be replaced. An FC that never engages will likely receive a talking to just as much as one that derps fleets. We believe systemic “Dock and Deny” kills Eve. We will lose and we will win, but we’ll always have fun, learn and be back again.

Common Courtesy:
We have a policy of being ladies and gentlemen demonstrating common courtesy in and outside of our group. Linking naughty pics is a no no. The occasional invective in the heat of battle is tolerated. However use of profanity in everyday conversations or disrespect towards someones gender, religion, or frankly any other RL choice is not okay. This is a game, we all want to feel welcome and able to have fun when we log in, any who can’t contribute to that ideal will be booted. Fair warning before you apply.

If you are interested in talking to a recruiter join the in game Commando Recruitment channel and say hi!

Still recruiting

Recruitment open

Still recruiting!

Good corp. These guys know a lot about the meta of EVE. Better than average pvp’ers, and fun to be around regardless of the outcome.

Looking for mature USTZ players that enjoy spaceships, tanks and other games, just like to hang out and play games together.

Good morning everyone, I’m the CEO of Deadspace Commandos. I’d like to share more information about what you can find in our corp.

The Direction
It all starts with Faction Warfare. Why should you like this? FW is a great place to gain confidence in PvP combat. Both for individual pilots who’ve never done solo/small gang, and FC’s. We see FW as a training ground. Faction Warfare can be lucrative and since it involves capturing systems it almost mirrors our end goal.

Going for Sov
We call ourselves Deadspace Commandos because we plan to hit above our weight. We want commandos to be smarter, and more determined than the “anchor and F1” pilot so common in 0.0. Because in Sov space we expect to be outnumbered.

We are not looking for elite pilots. If you desire to become better than average, and enjoy elite team play, that’s good enough.

The most important thing is that everyone in Deadspace Commandos has fun. The Elite Solo player doesn’t enjoy EVE without a community of peers, right? Our corp leadership understands everyone wants to be part of a winning team. That’s the commitment we work to fulfill.

Q: But what about FW?
A: Even after “leaving for Sov” We will likely maintain a strong presence in FW. Faction warfare is simply that good a place to bring up new pilots. Sov will principally be for those pilots who are ready for greater challenges that involve more expensive ships, and bigger gambles. Still, we don’t see our presence in FW as temporary.

Still looking for guys or gals to join the team

Still recruiting - If interested shoot me a convo or join our recruitment channel

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