Building SWAT PVP Group

Deadspace Commandos is seeking pvp pilots to build a specialized warfare team practiced in using Recons, Force Auxiliaries, Logi, Dreads and Carriers to provide a force multiplier for larger groups we work with.

We operate in Minmatar Faction Warfare to:

  • Practice warzone control
  • Small gang pvp
  • Citadel Defense for larger alliances

Our goal is to create a tight-knit USTZ group capable of fighting in Low Cec, Null sec/Sov in support of larger groups.

Culture: We are recruiting mature players who can demonstrate common courtesy inside and outside the group. We want players from all walks of life to feel welcome to login and enjoy playing the game. Toxic/intolerant/inappropriate players should seek recruitment elsewhere.

Requirements: Players with a killboard record who meet the culture standards.

What about newbies?:
If you are a new player looking to join, start by joining Minmatar Faction Warfare as a solo player in Tribal Liberation Force, you can fly with us, learn, and as you get that killboard record we’ll look at recruiting you then.

If you have any questions about joining, visit us in the Commando Recruitment in-game channel.

Still looking for mature minded USTZ players, join Commando Recruitment channel in game with any questions.

still recruiting

Still looking for rebels and misfits! join Commando Recruitment channel in game!

Still looking for USTZ players.

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