Warriors of the Blood God (WarBG) - Recruiting Corps and Pilots alike

Greetings all,
Warriors of the Blood God [WarBG] is recruiting corporations of all timezones!

About us:
We are a highly motivated and focused alliance, with experienced alliance leadership team. We are living in the null-sec space of Outer Passage. We own 10 systems to call home. Our leadership team is a group of seasoned veterans who have been around for 5+ years, with their hands in every profession this game has to offer. We enjoy the casual player to the die-hard alike.

We do offer:

  • Small-/Medium Scale Alliance Fleets (Roams/Homedefense)
  • Discord and Mumble for Voice Communication
  • Family and real life friendly community
  • Experienced Leadership
  • PvE and Mining Possibilities (Moon-Mining, Ice-Belt, Normal Anomaly Mining)
  • Industrial Citadels for Production
  • JF Services

Currently we are searching for:

  • Industrial / Mining Corps
  • PvP/PvE Corps
  • Old players and new players
  • Corps with 5+ active pilots

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to message us on discord, or join our ingame channel:
Ingame channel: WarBG Public
For Ingame contacts: Lowhyres or Lady Lowhyres
Discord handle: Lowhyres = Lowhyres, Lady Lowhyres = evenorthivy

Looking for those corps looking for a relaxed home or maybe even your first 00 home.

Buyback in full swing. Just mine, contract, isk and repeat :slight_smile: