Space Wolves Ind is recruiting

Lone wolve and looking for a pack? Space Wolves Ind is recruiting.

You are looking for a laid back Corp where you can
chill out, do your business in peace (ish :innocent:) while having a nice chat?
You are a hunter but you also need a space where you can earn your ISK?
Or you’re an industrialist and need the infrastructure to maintain your buisness? Then we might have the place for you.
We are located in Null Sec and part of the Solyaris Chtonium (SLYCE) alliance with access to rich Mining areas, PVE and regular PVP opportunity’s.

What we can offer to you:
• Full industrial infrastructure in our home system including help for all your logistic needs
• Low tax rate
• Pocket systems
• Friendly and laid back community
• Advice and support to help you
• All time zones are present

What we expect from you:
• Actively play the game
• Fleet participation on alliance level, if needed
• Willing to skill doctrine ships
• A minimum of 5 million SP
• Positive Attitude
• Be good to the pack, and yourself

If you liked what you read, join our discord via our website (non ESI register) and contact a recruiter.

Or if you have any questions, feel free to join our public chat channel: Space Wolves Ind

Recruitment is still open :smile:

We are still recruiting.

Recruitment is still open :grin:

Looking for a Corp? Join today.

We are still recruiting.

Looking for a Corp? Contact us today.

When the Wolves have had enough of being the good guys, you should join the Blood God.

Warriors of the Blood God would be a great home for you !!!

(sorry i keep seeing your name, and the 40k player in my couldnt resist putting the blood god’s call out there)

Recruiting open :smiley:

Recruiting open :smiley:

Still hiring :grin:

Want to join? Contact us.

Recruiting open.

Looking for Corp? Join today!

Hi Guys,

Interested in talking to yous about recruitment, however in work, i do have access to discord, just cant talk if that’s ok?

My Post, Looking for a null sec corp


Recruiting open.

Looking for Corp? Contact us today.

Recruiting open!

Looking for a new Corp? Contact us today!

Recruiting is open! :slight_smile: