Space Wolves Ind Gaming Community is recruiting

Are you a Lone Wolf? Seeking a Pack?

Then Space Wolves Ind. wants you!

We value quality people over pure numbers, and have a minimum SP requirement of 1mill. new players are welcome, especially budding miners! Sorry no trial acc. You must be prepared to use Discord and Teampeak3 for chat and voice communication

We are a group of friends looking to recruit members that would like to play eve and other games and have real life comes first.
That doesn’t mean we don’t have goals or ambitions,it means that you get to enjoy your real life and enjoy eve.

We are located both in high sec and lowsec space. We get to enjoy the best of both worlds right by our door step.

•Must stay active but RL allways comes first just let us know.
•Positive Attitude.
•Be good to the pack, and yourself

What we can give to you:

•Fleet Mining Operations.
•Fleet Bonuses.
•Friendly and laid back community.
•Advice and support to help you.
• Corp PvP roams at least once a week
• EU and AU tz players.

up to the top u go

Will be around tomorrow and will drop by for a chat to ask a few questions :grinning:

we are actively recruiting members that would like to join our corp

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