Space Wolves Ind. (All Time Zones)

Are You A Lone Wolf? Seeking A Pack?

Space Wolves Ind is recruiting: All Aspects Of Game Play

Specializing In:
All Aspects

We are located in Null Sec with access to rich Mining areas, PVE and regular PVP opportunity’s.

What we expect out of our members:
•Must stay active
•Positive Attitude
•We value quality members
•Be good to the pack, and yourself

What we can give to you:
•Mining OP’s
•Fleet Bonuses
•Friendly and laid back community
•Advice and support to help you
•Corp PvP roams at least once a week
•We have players on all time zones

We ask that you have at least 5million skill points already trained

Join Our Public Chat Channel: Space Wolves Ind

Recruitment is Open


We’re still looking to add to the ranks. Feel free to visit us in game or on discord

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Fought them yesterday in their home systems. They brought a fight, and fun was had by all.

+1 from me for making content.

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We are still recruiting

Bump :smiley:

Do you have a discord for questions or talking? Would probably be easier then posting here

our discord

We are still recruiting

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