WARSL is RECRUITING corporations and players that have a keen interest in playing the game right (US/AU NS SOV)

Warriors of SOL is a late US early AU TZ Nullsec alliance recruiting PVP focused corporations to continue to allow us to cheese our hostile locals.

About a year ago we were a simple null corporation - a null corporation that was getting tired of some of the ■■■■■■■■ that comes from poor leadership of our alliance, we were seeing it frequently and went “■■■■ it, lets do it ourselves, lets do it properly”. Long story short we now have several systems under our control in a bountiful spacerich and content rich area.

We started out in cyno scalding pass. One of the most pain in the ass places to live in, we won’t lie to you, it was hard to live there. We watched as other small alliances around us melted and buckled under the pressure. It was hard, but we held the space, both when we did have coalition help, and when we didn’t. As a corporation of several years of experience running null sec corporations, cyno pass is one of the hardest areas to hold ive ever seen, and WARSL did it well. Warriors of SOL holds its space, defends its space and provides a secure place for corporations to thrive. We are not renters.

As an alliance, WARSL offers access to

  • ICE systems (under our flag, in our turf)
  • Moon rental program, (r4s to R64s)
  • Several Good Security Status systems in a pipeway that we can and do lock down
  • Small Gang, Medium Gang and Large gang (small gangs to 100 man+ coalition fleets)
  • A hospitable and quality environment (A spy once told me, “Your alliance coms has one of the most toxic free environments I’ve ever seen, it was an honest pleasure being in your guys coms, your a real good bunch of people”)
  • New-player friendly

I’m writing this ad, as a corporation ceo within this alliance, with an authentic hand I vouch for this alliance, my corporation wouldn’t be here if it was ■■■■, so you should be here too.

WARSL are proud Members of the mighty FI.RE coalition.

WARSL is recruiting corporations and players looking for a new home!

Alliance recruiters:
Biggy Smiles#1730

aLagger Boi, Over and out o7

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WARSL are good people and good memes.

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WARSL is looking for dedicated corporations !

You forgot to mention we also recruit people bruh… c’mon lagger

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stfu arkis… we still recruiting and looking for strong willed individuals and corporations to join us!

WARSL looking for corps and players alike, shoot us a message in game for more info :smiley:

WARSL is looking for more corporations and players looking to grow in quality!


WARSL IS LOOKING… a bit harder!

Plenty of friendly people and content rich space! WARSL is still recruiting :smiley:


Looking for new players and corps alike :smiley:

Looking for more corps/members to join up!


we are still looking for new faces :smiley:

We’re a chill alliance and great community, we accept new bros and old bros alike :smiley:

Ok, hear me out… just a looksie wont hurt

New expansion coming, lots of content! Join up :smiley:

Looking for new and old players alike! Corps welcome too!