Wasted Potential (Triumvirate) is Recruiting!

(Philipp Motsu) #1

Wasted Potential is a corporation recently formed from several veterans in Shadow Cartel


Our focus is having fun, undocking and making expensive ships explode and to grow our group.
We are currently recruiting for our EUTZ which is our most active time-zone.

What you can expect from us:

  • Frequent Strat OPs/Roams
  • Alliance-level SRP
  • Capital usage
  • Alliance and Corp logistic
  • Teamspeak, Discord and Forum to keep in touch

What we expect from you:

  • Age of 18+
  • Self-sufficient ISK wise
  • Black Ops + JDC V
  • Logistics Cruisers V
  • SP base for our Doctrines


  • Armour Capital Alts (Dreads)
  • Shield Capital (Carrier, Super/Titans)
  • Useful Sub Capital Alts (Links, Scouts, Hunters and scanning toons)
  • Working towards Super Capitals

For further information contact one of our recruiters or
speak up in our Public Channel, a mail works as well.

Public Channel: BOOF Public

CEO: Jericho Stormcloud
Recruiter: Mindhunt4, Phillip Motsu

Here is our YouTube Channel

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