Watercolour paintings 2023 so far!

Not been terribly active this year (its been a tough one), either in Eve or with painting but have been trying to get back on top of things!
Just to answer a few common questions:
Yes, they are real watercolour paintings made with a brush
I do sell them and I’m blessed with a license from CCP to do so



It’s so amazing what AI Art can do these days !

(sorry, bad joke, it’s just a common thing some idiots throw around these days whenever someone shows original art … )


Those look amazing, that Arbitrator hull one looks especially magnificent. Well done!

Your website looks amazing as well, you’re quite talented.


Love the confessor painting!

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Paint me!

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Love to see it.
It’s polite to say “yes princess” and bob three times before heading to the exit.


Nice! The Confessor is my favourite :slight_smile:

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These are great!

Do you accept commissions?

Arbi has never looked so good <3

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Those are amazing man!! Wicked talent there! Glad you have the okay to make some cash off it too.

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Those are amazing paintings. Thanks for sharing those with the community.

Im looking forward to seeing more of these.

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Wow, that is great work!! :+1:

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@El_Geo What size are they?

I can’t believe I missed this post.

Those look excellent @El_Geo, do you do commissions? I could absolutely be hypnotized into paying for a Fleet Issue Vigil and or a Breacher in this style.

A4 and A3 ( 12.5x9.5cm or 17x12cm )

Unfortunately AI art, NFT’s, the pandemic and recession have all made their mark the last few years but it does mean my paintings are cheap!

Not currently, but I’ve got some paintings on my store already :wink:


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