Way to check isk

i’m a windows player

Your windows phone should have access to the google play store, I can confirm that EVE Portal is available for iPhones as well.


Why would you have ISK outside the game?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Maybe I’m from the future. :sunglasses:

Yeah upon further look into it, looks like Microsoft does not have access to EVE Portal app unless you use an Android emulator.

EveMon has that feature and is Windows Based.

why does it say windows 7+?

It’s been around for a long time. As long as I know it still works.

I just found this.

You can also directly use the ESI swagger interface:


Use the Wallet API endpoint for your character.

You just:

  • login using the “AUTHORIZE” link in the menu bar
  • give it the character read wallet scope
  • click on the 'Try It Out" button
  • put in your character id (grab from evewho or zkillboard if you don’t know it) and it will return your wallet balance


Windows 11 has NATIVE android apps. You open the M§ store and search the EVE mobile app and let windows run it.

Windows 10

Do you not have a smart phone??

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I have Windows 11 Home. I downloaded the latest version of EVEMon HERE and it works fine.

*It did a quick update when I opened it for the first time.

Not all smartphones are iOS or Android

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Another good feature of EVEMon is how it breaks down your training plan. Reminding you that you’re possibly wasting a LOT of time training skills with poorly configured attributes.


There is an app for apple and android called Neocom - it shows all your stuff. Assets, isk, transactions, value of contracts and orders, ships and clones. All. :+1:

We offered those options.

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