How do I display my character wallet balance on a web page

Totally new to the api, I’m looking for the most simple way to display my character wallet balance on a web page. Is there an easy way to do this?
Thank You

ESI is relatively simple to work with. Easy is another matter.

The first question is, do you want to just display yours, or do you want to display anyone who logs into your application?

Second question is, do you want to do it server side, or client side.

Third is, what language do you want to use for it?

If it’s just you, server side, using something like php:

you would create an application on which requests esi-wallet.read_character_wallet.v1 when used.

Then you’d get something like postman (an application for doing rest requests), set it up to log in using the application above, then use it to get a refresh token.

Then you’d use that refresh token to get an access token from the login server in your php code, then you’d use that refresh token to pull your character balance using /characters/{character_id}/wallet/ the wallet endpoint on ESI.

Then you’d display it.

If you wanted anyone to be able to do it (server side), you’d need to write code to allow them to log in on your side, using the EVE SSO (where you send them off to auth with CCP, and then CCP sends them back with a token which you can use to get an access token and a refresh token) Then it’d be the same as above.

Client side is similar, but you’d be doing it all in javascript, and wouldn’t have a refresh token.

Thank you for the quick reply.
It doesn’t sound like I can just set it up the way I really wanted to. I was trying to keep it way too simple.
Question 1: It would be only my wallet info available to view.
Question 2: I would be displaying my wallet info to anyone who visited the site.
Questions 3: Php?

Can you point me to some good code examples using php? I used to code with the old api using c# but it was years ago ago and it looks like they changed everything about the api now.

If that’s all you want to do it might be easier to use [8.4.0 - version 37] GESI - Google Sheets ESI Add-On - Back in Business!, then just share the sheet with view only permissions to those you want.

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