I want to make ISK with my Smartphone! (In-Eve ISK, not some spin-off game ISK.)

Let’s face it, Eve is an addiction for many people, and I’m one of them…

When I’m sitting at the bus stop, or on the bus, or waiting at the doctors office, or doing anything outside my home and boring, I jones for Eve. I have apps that let me look at my characters’ skill queues, EveMails, ship fits, there’s mining calculator apps, and I know there’s the new Eve-Lite Aura App coming out (but I don’t want to commit to another Universe - My life only has room for one addiction.) None of those allow me to truly effect Eve, short of messaging other people and asking the to do stuff for me via the EveMail system, but I can do that through Discord or any other communications vector.

I’d like a way to make ISK while sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room. Nothing passive, it would have to be active, like Project Discovery or something, but the screen might be too small for Project Discovery. But something like that. Some way to keep my thumbs busy aside from twiddling them or shoving them places.

Thanks for reading, I hope you come up with something to scratch this itch…

An Eve Addict


Tell me why the current eve ISK faucets aren’t enough first.


That’s not a bad idea. As long as there is risk and possibility to lose isk as well. Stay true to EVE and all… :sunglasses:

AFAIN, doing project discovery has no risk to lose isk.


I always thought that it would be nice to create an interface to allow people to log into eve from a phone if their toon were in a station.

The idea would be that the toon could not undock but could access chats, mail and some form of the market interface.

None of these are graphically intensive. But it would be kind of cool to be able to station trade from your phone.

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This I like.

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