EVE online mobile App feature suggestions

Salutations Capsuleers!

StarTerrorPrime here with some novel suggestions to potentially lure in some new players while creating incentives to purchase omega. Now I’ve tinkered around with some other third party applications but I think CCP’s app can stand some new features. This increases quality of play, where certain operations can be more streamlined, and dealt with in a timely manner. Here’s what I have in mind:

Chat Access. While not nessecarily needing to have access to local, though having access to it for some players who operate around Jita for merchantile purposes is a boon. This allows you to have access to your character’s text channels from your phone, and I am fairly certain corporate/alliance players will likely enjoy this feature as to keep in the loop of their corpmates. Sure discord works but a lot of other conversations tend to happen in game.

Inventory Access. I am certain there is a lot of players who would love to access their inventories remotely and manage them. This capacity is helpful, and a lot of us who deal in trade requiring the ability to offload inventory at specific times.

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