Improvements to the eve app

i think we should have some stuff in the eveapp
1st the forum … i write blinde atm because if i take my phone square i cant read what i write … that sucks … the text field is very small …
2nd why is the curent status of project discovery not in the app? maybe it would be possible to do PD samples in the app …
3rd why is the curent status of the agency or other timebased events not in the app?? would be cool to see when i can do the next missions …
4th i can buy plex in the app but why not buy gametime? i resubed all my accounts when i saw the discount … i think it would be nice to do that in the app too
5th when the rouque drone event happend we got boosters (thanks for that) but i could not see that time left in the app or any other app … whould be a bebefit

i think the app is really cool but it could be more usefull


what i do is pressing enter until the cursor becomes visible. the lines don’t get added to the post, so that works just fine.

hmm … thought there would be more people who wants a more usefull app but it seams i am the only one …
@yellow parasol: yea i can do that and i can do this … but i guess this stuff schould work … just work … if it is for different screensizes and onscreen keyboards it schould work als all the other forums too


cant relate, but maybe you should name your post “improvements to the eve app” so more people can input.

thx … i try the new title: improvements to the eve app

hi … as the end of the ai keys are comming and many apps out there will not work anymore … is there a plan to improve the eve app?
nice would be some improvments
Witgets for the skill queue
pi overview, marketorders, assets, skill planner, items database, market information, assets browser, contracts, market orders, wallet transactions and industry jobs information, fitting tool, fuel information, …

such stuff … i know not everyone will need it but if you do its a problem comming up … and the really nice thing would be to have it in 1 app not in 7 diffrent

what you think?