We are Feral, so we bite, but in a loving way!

Feral Solutions is an old corporation in Eve Online. In November 2018 it became ten years old. It’s been through a lot over the years: from leading a nullsec alliance to being a more piratey corp. The last couple of years it has been inactive though, and I now hope to change that.

I invite you to join the corp if you, at minimum, can fly a stealth bomber. I love stealthy pvp, and want to do more of it. We also want backup now and then. Those wormhole or lowsec ratters can be a challenge in a single bomber. You should expect to fly into wh-space and lowsec and pvp, but in high sec you can make your isk as you need to. We generally don’t engage in high sec pvp, and certainly not in war deccing.

So, if you want experienced company in the harsh world of Eve, and want someone to talk to during your play-time, why not consider us? We are very casual, and there’s little that’s mandatory with us. Most of the time, we’re a social corp - except when we bite. But, as promised, when we bite - we do so lovingly!

Join “Feral Things” in-game to have a chat with us.

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Wild grown beards are a feature, not a bug.

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