We don't loose [things] - WDLS come join us in null

Fleet 6 is the current manifestation of much older gaming community that has been playing Eve for almost as long as Eve has been a game. Fleet 6 is an active corp with an engaged and multi-member leadership. We are proud members of Fraternity.

We are a based in null security space and we enjoy the spoils of null while being active in continuous efforts to protect it. We are actively recruiting English speaking players as we expand our gaming community and embark upon the next stage of our community’s development. We invite you to consider setting your goals with us in the picture. Social gaming in Eve is really fun and we’ve a quite a bit of experience at it. We always operate with a IRL comes first attitude. We’re always willing to sacrifice a little time on space pixel domination to focus on the real things that matter.

If you read our profile and want to join please contact “Rekindle” in game or [WDLS-] Rekindle#5706 on Discord. He is the head recruiter / CEO and will set up a time to discuss on coms. Have Discord working and mumble installed. Also read everything here before applying.

We seek:

Eve hobbyists and players who know for certain they are committed to the game, no trials, no one-month testers. Although we don’t expect you to sign for 5 years, some of us have. Eve is a game but our corp and the community we expose you to will make it a hobby. We seek pilots who enjoy a reasonable mix of small gang along with the potential for medium to large to very large coalition engagements.
Skill points [beyond the fact we want omega pilots] are not nearly as important as than the attitude of mature humans.

Beyond the obvious, we also conduct special snowflake operations within our coalition from time to time. Also we have a powerful industrial backbone with all the trimmings you need for full capital mining.

In general terms we are always wishing to expand upon our particular brand of comradery while also ensuring we excel at our commitments to our alliance brothers and sisters.

Your membership depends on your ability to meet our requirements:

  • English Speaking with the ability to use Mumble and Discord.

  • We reserve the right to inspect your character sheet before you apply

  • You will supply the alliance services tool the ESI keys after you apply.

  • We will require you to register on alliance services

  • There will be a voice “interview” / discussion where all of the terms and expectations are discussed.

  • You will obtain at least one fleet participation point a week or 4 a month.

  • You’ve got to be willing to dedicate some skill points towards ships the coalition fly. It is up to you to
    understand doctrines and doctrines as they change.

You understand that you are agreeing to these requirements and failure to meet them on an ongoing basis will result in removal.

We’re looking for like minded people. Your attitude and general compatibility with the greater community is at the discretion of the chief Recruiter and corp CEO who is Rekindle.

The process for joining Fleet6 is to contact “Rekindle” ingame or via discord at [WDLS-] Rekindle#5706

This is a call out to OG’s and newbs alike: Come find out what WDLS means.

Rekindle has a cat. The best way to get auto -rejected is to skip reading this and/or skip a step.

At least 5 people have found the meaning of life with us. Another 3 are on their way to solving fission problems. What could you do if you aligned yourselves with a corp like ours?

This is an active community spread across multiple time zones. We have members who have been with us definitively since Eve beta. Several members are going to Eve Vegas in the fall.

We accept any adults who want to play but if you are over 30 so are many of us. This is not exclude you if you’re under 30 but we do try to hold to a mature but fun atmosphere.

Best thing about this corp is by far the people, wether you are experienced or a newbie (myself being the latter) there’s always someone sharing the same interest ready to do anything.

I was pretty new when i started so this was where i learned how to do pretty much everything and improve alot, always with an extremely friendly environment.

Do you like EVE but lack the time to focus your entire energy into it every day? We understand you cannot always log in and play but that’s not a reason not to join a corp. Come and play with people who understand you and still want to make EVE a fun experience.

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